Monday, March 28, 2011

Secret Seven

I started reading a collection of Secret Seven (SS) books. You can stop berating me for my childishness and lack of refinement because I couldn't care less. But I must say I'm a bit mystified as to why Enid Blyton started this series. Is it because she thought that her readers would go through only a certain number of Famous Five (FF) books a year? Did she see it as a chance to re-recycle FF plots with a different set of characters?
Talking 'bout characters, SS loses big time, at least so far as the first book I read goes. FF's characters were fairly distinct: Julian was the leader type, George was a tomboy girl, Anne was the girly girl, Dick was...well...a dick and Timmy was a dog. Here, apart from the dog, it's rather hard to tell these poltroons apart. One character is described as someone who "giggles a lot". Meh.
As a kid one of my favourite parts in the FF books was the description of the food: All those lovely meat sandwiches and jam tarts and sundry other items seemed so exotic and delicious. The food bits are still my favourite.

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