Thursday, April 10, 2014

Antareen DVD Image Comparison (Max vs NFDC-Shemaroo)

At Un-kvlt Site, we do yet another image comparison, this time for two Indian release DVD's of Mrinal Sen's Antareen. For some reason this movie often has a bad rep, but I like it. Anyway, I'd got the Max DVD (retail price 349/-) some 3-4 years ago when the idea of NFDC actually getting off their asses and releasing some of their catalog was less than a pipe dream. At 199/- the NFDC-Shemaroo release is some 150 rupees cheaper, but that's not the point. Even with some overly bright segments and a questionable greenish tint, the image quality on the newer release blows the Max entry out of the water. So if you have any interest in the film at all the NFDC release is the one to own.

Screenshots (Left side Max - Right side NFDC), click on thumbnail to see original size:

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