Saturday, January 29, 2011

Recent hauls

That's what comes of not visiting a bookstore for a long period. Even though there was no sale/discount, I still ended up with a fair bit of stuff. I think this will be interesting, though.


  1. Solid haul. Hearn is awesome and an influence on some of my feeble tales. Moore's run on Swamp Thing is incendiary stuff. Just reading the narrative panels in 'Another Green World' is liable to blow your mind and make you that much better a writer just by osmosis (Swampy would have approved).

  2. Ha, good to hear that. I picked up the first Swamp Thing volume to see how it goes.
    Btw have you seen Hammer's film of The Devil Rides Out? I found it tremendously entertaining, which is why I picked up the book.

  3. oh fuck! dennis wheatly in a new cover? awesome. Thats a lot of fun. Agree with jp about swamp thing. awesome stuff. Nice haul.