Friday, February 11, 2011

I am a happy camper...again

Recent hauls made (my very diminutive movie haul on the left against Ravi's massive haul of CD's and books on the right):

Movies in close-up:

Life (BBC series with David Attenborough)
The Fall
Santa Sangre
Kagemusha (Criterion)
Psycho 50th Anniversary Edition
Enter The Dragon
Batman Returns
Jason & The Argonauts

Yea, all blu-ray this time, it wouldn't pay for me to get good looking movies in non-HD format any more. Watched Santa Sangre today afternoon, which was a gorgeous experience, both visually as well as for Simon Boswell's amazing score. Also heard a fair amount of Peter Jackson's enthusiastic and knowing commentary on Ray Harryhausen's Jason & The Argonauts. I'm a gonna savor all of this stuff.

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