Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yawn-ted 3D [Vikram Bhatt]

Having seen this movie on a 3D screen yesterday, my remarks (screw 10000 word reviews, this movie doesn't deserve that):
If you've seen one Vikram Bhatt horror movie, you've pretty much seen them all. The man is just shuffling and recycling elements from his earlier films, which weren't great to start with.
As expected, the horror elements never get particularly nasty, attention to period detail is, to be kind about it, laughable and an abundance of songs and treacly romantic elements bring the pace to molasses slow.
Mimoh or Mahakshay as he now likes to call himself should be given an award for the longest period an actor has carried a single expression, in this case, the entire movie. Sadly for you the audience, that expression says, "I need to take a massive dump now". Oh wait, he DID take a break in between for his oh-so-relevant-to-the-plot breakdance jig; there he carried his "I am a complete retard" face.
As a fellow movie-watcher pointed out, if there is anything at all notable, it's that a South Indian character, an Aiyar, is for the first time presented as a raging villain instead of plain comic relief. Hurrah and all that.
The film was shot using stereoscopic cameras and the native 3D gives a sense of depth to most of the visuals, but  little use of it is made in the proceedings and there are all too few of the "throw things at the screen" elements that make a cheesy horror film in 3D fun