Monday, August 20, 2012

Now I know what Tantalus felt like

Newest haul of goodies in. Sadly I can't actually watch any of them right now on account of my home PC, which is also my blu-ray player, being on the furshlugging blink. I suspect it'll be nearly 2 more weeks before things return to normal. GRRRR!

Still, I will take the opportunity to give you a peek at what I could have been enjoying if not for this tragedy. As always click on the pics for full resolution:

The Criterions:

The non-Criterions (which are also awesome!):

Coen Bros boxset revealed:

Holy shit, I seriously didn't expect the Taxi Driver package to be so awesome:

What's a haul without some Lovecraft love?

More detail from the Horror in Clay (an awesome birthday gift from Prachit Pandey. Seeing this in full resolution might just drive you insane!):


  1. It was a present from both me - Ravi and Prachit Pandey!

  2. wow. that taxi driver package looks fantastic.


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