Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ghost [dir. Puja Jatinder Bedi]

Saw Ghost tonight and it was dire. Even the gore, a couple of scenes aside (including a total WTF crucifixion scene), is not enough to overcome the utterly amateurish and absurd proceedings. Sayali Bhagat (as a doctor who wears off-shoulder above-the-knee skirts on her night rounds) is another no-talent washout from the beauty contest scene and Shiney Ahuja looks like he might have been more comfortable in jail than acting in this film. Continuity doesn't seem at all to have been on anybody's minds while shooting the film and there's just too much cliche and dead space (hur hur). It might have fared a bit better as a troll-film at the cinemas, but on the other hand I had here the option of skipping the horrible songs so that evens out.

The DVD from Venus matches the general wretchedness of the film. It's 2012 and what we have here is...wait for it...a NON-ANAMORPHIC widescreen presentation with milky contrast and an obnoxious opaque logo on the top left (which occasionally drops a copy of itself down the screen like a turd). The sound design is unbalanced with low-key conversations barely audible while sound effects and BGM are too loud in the mix. Should I be glad this wasn't for a good film?


  1. you should have just downloaded the damn thing and then you could have enjoyed the sheer lunacy of this movie without bitching about sound problems and logos taking a shit and milky contrasts. The whole movie is just this one giant WTF. Also, what does anamorphic mean?

  2. Anamorphic in this instance means that the video encode is flagged to correctly fill a widescreen TV/monitor (pretty much every Plasma/LCD/LED TV on the market for the past few years). If it's not done, then the video is in 4:3 ratio with huge black bars and appears stretched horizontally on a WS TV. Most Indian DVD's for new films do have anamorphic presentations even if they're not particularly good in other respects. This one gets the basics wrong, and for sheer carelessness because AFAIK it's just a checkbox that has to be ticked when the operation for encoding the video is performed.


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