Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Interview with Richard Shrike - Part 1 of 2

For around two decades now, the website Moria - Science-Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Film Review (Facebook page) has proved an invaluable resource for scores of honest reviews, comprehensive recommendations and thoughtfully curated information for genre novices and die-hard fans alike. Behind it all is a single individual - Richard Shrike - who has devoted thousands of man-hours, and continues doing so, towards making it the ultimate guide for connoisseurs of films in these genres.

In a two part interview conducted over Skype, I chat with Richard about his passion for genre cinema and the website, personal life and future plans. Presented here is Part 1 of 2 (Go HERE for Part 2):

(Apologies for deficiencies in the Audio/Video, they are mostly a limitation of Skype, and yes, my own incompetence)


  1. Excellent interview, Suresh! As a long time Moria reader this was a very informative. Looking forward to Part Two!


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